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On some level we have all struggled with getting our kids to eat. As a parent you want your child to be well nourished and healthy. It can be upsetting when your child refuses to eat, or has gag reflex, or an upset tummy from eating. It might leave you feeling frustrated, worried, and worn out from the whole experience.

Mary from Just Take a Bite has experienced many obstacles with getting her kids to eat. Each of her children had different issues and different symptoms. She has seen the whole gamut of food challenges. Whether your child has an allergy or not but you’re struggling with getting your child to eat healthy; Mary shares with you her strategies of getting her children on the road to better health and to healing.

Below is a list of reactions to watch for. Mary suggests that you take notes for a few weeks and see if any of them apply to your child.

Physical reactions (digestive/skin/body):
always full
refusal to eat/won’t eat particular food groups like meat or vegetables
tummy ache
picky eater
gags on food
frequent hiccups
loose bowels, constipation or alternating between the two
bad breath and/or body odor
ear wax build up
dark rings under eyes
white/coated tongue
brittle nails
hair falling out easily and/or thin hair
reflux/spit up
swollen tongue/lips/face/throat
baby acne, cradle cap
fussy baby/colic
strong/foul smelling urine and/or bowel movements
bed wetting
frequent urination/large amounts of urine or lack of urine (dehydration)

Mental/Neurological reactions:
ADD/ADHD symptoms/hyperactivity
inability to focus
extreme reactions/meltdowns over small things/tantrums
constantly fussy baby
always shouting
can’t hear well/asking “what?” constantly
violent behavior
can’t sleep/can’t settle down/frequent waking
lack of energy

Many kids display a few of these symptoms but you will just know if this applies to your child because many of these are daily and not just occasionally. If you think your child has many of these symptoms Mary walks you through on what she did and her results.

I believe that food is medicine and when you better understand what is going on, you are able to use it as a healing tool. Mary understood that and even with the foods that caused her children to react severely she was able to heal through other foods. We have been led to believe that allergies are with us forever. That is not true. Your body is designed to give you symptoms/signs to tell you something is wrong and it needs to be corrected. Medication will not correct it and usually comes with more symptoms.

Mary has gone through quite a personal struggle to get her children on the path to health and wellness. Because of that her children will not have a lifetime of constant health bouts that get worse over time. Through her observations and notes Mary was able to get to the root cause of her children’s health problems.

It can be overwhelming when tackling a complete dietary change from what you are familiar with. I promise you it does get easier. Involving your kids in the kitchen will not only help you but you will be teaching them a valuable skill for life.

Mary is offering to give away her book to one of my readers. I hope you have a chance to check out Mary’s blog over at Just Take a Bite. She has a wealth of information and recipes. Check it out!

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