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What does natural exactly mean? According to the Oxford Dictionary it means “existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind”. There are several meanings but I am looking at the things we use on a daily basis. From the products we use on our skin, the foods we eat, the cleaners we use in our home, to the final impact it has on the overall environment when being consumed by us “humans”. So how come we see the word natural slapped on everything? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t define it. With that manufacturers are all too eager to shamelessly market natural on everything. Organic is legally regulated and not allowed the same leniency. So be careful when shopping for natural as it can mean pretty much anything.

Consciously I am always thinking about what goes in my mouth, or what is being used on my skin and what is being used to clean my home. All of it has an impact on our overall health. I didn’t always think about it. I ate my low fat yogurt, used my expensive products, and kept my home sterilized with strong chemical cleaners. For years I literally felt like crap and I mean crappy crap. I didn’t realize at the time my body was starving for nutrients and it wasn’t getting it from the low fat yogurt or lean meats and every other type of food, I was lead to believe was good for my health under the Standard American Diet (SAD).

I was a Bath & Body junkie for years. I kept my bathroom stocked with all kinds of smelly good lotions, butters and scrubs. On top of eating nutrient-less food, slathering junk on my body, and polluting my air with chemically laden cleaners all contributed to my crappy crap feeling. In all honesty I didn’t even realize how crappy I felt until I cleaned up our eating, hygiene products, and home cleaners. You just get use to feeling that way and don’t even notice it until it’s gone. Now if I eat or use something that is “un-natural” I feel the difference and I go through a detox for several days. Night sweats, headaches, lethargic with no energy kind of difference.

You might think I’m being dramatic about it all. Usually when I hear it’s science based I cringe. I know how science works. I have a degree in healthcare and depending on who is doing the research is really dependent on the outcome they seek. So you have to be careful because science doesn’t always mean truth. So how do we know what is truth? By doing your own research you pretty much make your own decision of what version of the truth you believe. I choose to believe that nature is the truth and yes there is science backing that truth. Nature provides us with everything we could possibly need. We don’t need genetically engineered food. Nature already has it perfected. We don’t need synthetics in our health care products. Our body is smart and knows when something isn’t nature derived. Ever wonder why you can’t shed those last pesky pounds? Guess what’s stored in your fat? We don’t need to sterilize the environment we live in. Killing off the bad bacteria along with the good bacteria creates an unstable environment which could further complicate the eco-system.

So does using something “natural” really work? Yes! They 100% do. Using natural is far gentler than using synthetic counterparts. You might actually enjoy cleaning your home if using lavender to mop the floor or tea tree to clean the bathroom. No more nose stinging, eyes watering, or lungs burning. Just crisp, clean, and fresh. And yes it actually cleans and purifies the air. Febreze can’t claim they purify the air can they? Well maybe, but they would be lying.

I’m not suggesting you start making everything from scratch. There are a lot of companies out there that have the same concerns as I do and are creating products that work in harmony with nature. Becoming educated on what is good and what is very very bad will go a long ways in improving your health and the world you live in. I am telling you that natural and organic is far better than their synthetic counterparts. You will be healthier and you will notice the difference in how you feel.

It might seem overwhelming at first on where to begin. I know! I had a household full of synthetically fortified food, chemically laden hygiene products, and cleaners that could take paint off my walls. Just start somewhere and work from there. Next time you’re out shopping for groceries look for organic or at least learn what is on the list of dirty foods. You can find that at Next work your way through your bathroom cabinet and replace each product one at a time. Finally as your cleaners are being used up you can either make your own which is very simple or look at green clean in your grocery aisle. Over time it just becomes second nature.

It might not be right away that you notice your health improving but I promise if you stick with it you will notice your health improving over time as you realize symptoms are disappearing one by one. I no longer have night sweats, my periods are regular as well as the cramps are under control, my energy levels have soared, my libido is back, no more headaches, and most of all my mood is just better. I just feel better and I hope I have inspired you to try going more natural.


  • I definitely took baby steps, eliminating things as they ran out and replacing them with better options. Thanks, I know I still have a way to go!

    linda Spiker on

  • Baby steps make it so much easier to change your way of living. I started with building a green home years ago and have made changes ever since. Building a green home wasn’t baby steps but it spurred tremendous growth into changing my lifestyle.

    Anna@GreenTalk on

  • Michelle this was a beautiful post. There are so many people who share your beliefs and so many more who need a great place to start in thier journey. Thank you for sharing! ♡

    Kayla on

  • Nicely put. I’ll look forward to the next one.

    Betty Lautenschleger on

  • You are right…start small so that it isn’t overwhelming. I am. I started with my cleaning chemicals. Granted I still hate cleaning but I know it’s better for the environment and that makes me smile. :)

    Tanya on

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