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Did you know that February is the month we peak for influenza? According to the CDC website seasonal outbreaks peak between December and February with February being the worse. October is the onset of flu season and can last through May. That’s a long season of potentially getting the flu.

In all my years I have only ever gotten the flu shot once. I’m not telling you what you should do with your health but if you’re looking for natural alternatives without having to rely on over the counter meds (OTC) that usually come with a host of side effects along with already having the flu and even possibly long term effects from taking OTC meds.

It starts with your diet….

Only in the last 6 years have I really noticed the difference in my health from the health I had years ago. AND I thought I was a health nut then (not even close). If you follow me on any social media you probably know I am a huge advocator of eating “real food” for health. My diet does not restrict me from eating the things I love such as pizza, cheeseburgers, cake, ice cream and all other foods we Americans value so much. It means I strive as much as possible to include all real food ingredients without any synthetic ingredients or refined processing that strips food of all nutrients and then refortified with synthetic nutrients. You want ice cream? Trust me when you make homemade you will never look at store bought ice cream the same again. In fact you might even shun it.

1937 Edition: a treasure trove of real food recipes.

Feeding your body real food gives it the nutrients in their natural form. When food is altered your body doesn’t recognize it nor does it know what to do with it. Your favorite breakfast cereal with that long list of lab-made vitamins and minerals along with fake sugars to replace real sugar and the genetically engineered wheat that is drenched in pesticides is causing your body to have an inflammatory reaction. It really is that simple. What you eat is what you become. Migraines, aches + pains, diabetes, insomnia, eczema, infertility, depression, cold + flu……..and the list just gets worse. Without proper nutrients your body will simply stop functioning at its best and in turn try to signal to you that something is wrong and you need to pay attention. If you fall into the trap of taking medication to deal with your health problems you now have a bigger problem. Now you have to heal twice and your body is going to continue to have new symptoms (in the meantime you will be put on more meds for the new symptoms) until you correct it.

Changing our eating habits is up there in being one of the more difficult changes to stick with along with exercise. Fad diets come and go and will continue for the rest of mankind. My diet is simple. If I don’t recognize an ingredient I don’t eat it. I am more concerned about how our food is grown, raised, processed, and nurtured. Grass-fed beef with pasture to freely roam over confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) is an example. Our food should be ethically raised and in tune with nature. While transitioning over to a real food diet may seem out of your budget at the beginning but as you consume more real food items you will find you’re not eating as much which will lead to saving money. Your health will improve and any medications you were on may become a thing of the past (more money saved).

Homemade sauce using ingredients from our garden and sausage made from our own farm raised pigs.

When you eat food that is full of chemicals you are essentially addicted to it the same way a drug addict is (and those chemicals come with a heap of health problems of their own). The chemicals cause you to crave it and you just want to eat more of it. You find you’re still hungry and can’t seem to satiate your appetite so you eat more of it. When you eat “real food” you are satiated with healthy fats and nutrients that give the body what it needs. Another thing is I don’t worry about the calories (and I was a maniac about that). We have become a nation obsessed with calories. We should be obsessed with counting how many different nutrients we can feed our body.

So where am I going with all of this? What you eat will affect your mood, weight, skin, how often you get sick or how fast you recover from being sick, and really ultimately the quality of your life. If you don’t think food has that kind impact you may be in denial. I myself have witnessed the difference in my family. Each with their own examples in how changing over to a real food diet from a conventional one. Even now I can tell if they have had conventional food. Sadly having my kids in a school environment exposes them to that more often than I would like. I don’t bar them from it and can only hope they refrain from eating too much or opt for what appears to be real food. My daughter participated in a play during her 7th grade year. There was a cast party with food and drink. She ended up with a migraine and had to shut herself in her room in the dark. Thankfully I am able to treat her naturally with herbs and help her to recover. She knows that eating any kind of conventional food triggers her migraines but the food looked deceptively healthy. Lettuce, tomatoes, taco meat, cheese, and some side dishes to go along with it. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the food wasn’t clean. Lettuce is heavily sprayed with pesticides, the taco meat probably tainted with hormones, antibiotics and possibly even food coloring (and who knows what else), and the side dishes probably were loaded with MSG’s and whatever else that isn’t natural. She felt terrible and it made her angry that something as innocuous as a cast party caused her to feel like absolute crap afterwards.

As a result my family can feel the difference when eating clean vs eating conventional foods. I often hear families commenting their kids are sick again or they themselves can't seem to shake the bug after a solid week of the same symptoms. Seeing the younger generation having health problems that didn't exist in their age group 30 years ago is disheartening. It really should make one take pause and question the difference in our society currently in how we eat now vs how we ate 30 years ago. I hope our future generation can be saved. At the current rate many won’t live beyond 40 years. How sad is that?

The kids learning a valuable lesson on how to grow thier own food.

Maybe this summer you will find yourself visiting your local farmers market or even visiting some of your local homesteaders. Something about connecting with where our food comes from stirs up a desire to do better for ourselves, our family and for the world we live in.


  • I hardly ever get sick . I think it is because I eat so much of what I grow. I couldn’t agree with you more about how our diet makes us sick.

    Anna@GreenTalk on

  • Eating for your health is absolutely worth it. Making changes can be a challenge at first, but in the long run, it really pays off.

    Emily @ Recipes to Nourish on

  • It’s so overwhelming at first, but well worth the time and investment to make these changes.

    Andrea Fabry on

  • “When you eat food that is full of chemicals you are essentially addicted to it the same way a drug addict is” – Very well said!

    Tina on

  • Yes it is all about the food. Since changing our diets to real food years ago we rarely get sick. We used to catch everything that came around. Great post!

    linda Spiker on

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