I hope I can inspire you to connect with nature. Even if only for a moment.

I strive to make products that make people feel good. All of my products are formulated using nature derived ingredients. Coming from nature the recipes I use enhance the well being of your mind, body, and spirit; naturally.

It is amazing how something as simple as smelling good can make you feel sensual or relaxed. I love the feeling I get when using and consuming things that are equally as good for my well being as they are for the environment.

I love making all natural products. I always find myself thinking about the next formula. When using nature inspired ingredients I can give each product a unique purpose.

My background is in healthcare technology along with health and nutrition. My passions lie in holistic health and natural sustainable living. It only seemed natural for me to begin experimenting with different herbs, oils, butters and essential oils.

My interest in herbalism started back in 1995 when I started growing herbs for making homemade skincare. Aromatherapy followed in 2001 before the majority of people even understood the power it has today. In 2006 I began making soap, which opened my eyes to numerous possibilities that were in line with my passions.

I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them. I'm always inspired by the ingredients I find in nature and in learning new techniques. My greatest joys come from the people I encounter who use my products and tell me why they chose to go natural. Enjoy!

Please read over my disclosure statement.