Behind the Scenes at Cheshire Fields

My encounter into the world of natural living has been ongoing. First through the  power of herbs followed by essential oils. Soap-making came much later in my journey to natural living. After the birth of  my son my passion for green living grew as did my desire to create healthy products that were safe to use.
Living on 50 acres allows me the freedom to raise free range chickens, pastured pigs, wild forage for herbs, grow a sustainable garden, and enjoy the bounty that nature offers. Although I have a degree in health technology my real passion is in holistic health. I continue to educate myself so that  I am able to formulate products that I can provide people with a healthy and natural approach to caring for themselves.
I strive to live sustainably in all areas of my life. Gardening truly is therapeutic! Digging my hands into the soil has a soul soothing effect. The food that springs forth from the soil has a healing and nourishing effect on the body. There is something in preserving your own food that makes you feel satisfied and secure in knowing you are doing what our ancestors before us did. Living off the land. Since going back to basics I feel more connected with nature.
Cheshire Fields is about simple and effective ingredients that do their job. I strive to make all my products with environmentally safe ingredients. With every single product it is filled with purpose for health promoting benefits. The ingredients do their job!
It started with my desire to learn about different herbs and from there it lead me to soap-making. From balms, herbal capsules, infused oils, soaps, tinctures, and always more products being inspired.
I’m continually expanding my product line and I believe in the power of natural ingredients that deliver real results.