Dandelion + Tallow Body Butter

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This is a multi-purposed body butter that can be used from head to toe. Soothing and hydrating with natural grass-fed fats infused with dandelion oil. Tallow is high in vitamins A, D, E, and K, omega-3 acid, and CLA (conjugated linoleum acid). Tallow absorbs readily into the skin as it is similar to the sebum of our own skin. Deeply moisturizing, it goes on smooth and a little bit goes far.

Dandelion oil is useful in treating skin ailments of all sorts. Beneficial on itches, ringworm, eczema, and other skin conditions commonly treated by pharmaceutical prescriptions. As a bonus it works great as a facial moisturizer for dry, mature, acne prone skin or any facial disruptions you are experiencing. Dandelion oil helps to regulate the skin through proper secretion and detoxification. High in vitamin C it helps with scar tissue and ugly red inflammation traditionally found with skin disruptions.

A nutrient dense, rich formula with a harmonious balance of tallow, dandelion oil and unrefined shea butter. This blend contains essential oils of lavender for its calming effect, frankincense oil to improve skin tone and texture, amyris oil to regenerate the skin, patchouli oil is great for dermatitis flare ups, and cedarwood is beneficial for treating acne. The proprietary blend is beneficial for all skin conditions.

This is a limited supply. Made from dandelions wild harvested from my field this spring and infused in organic extra virgin olive oil. With the addition of tallow that comes from grass-fed cows it contains nutrients that plant based oils simply do not possess. A great product that I am sure will have you addicted. Perfect for paleo/primal skin care.

+ Natural and effective
+ Environmentally safe for you and the earth
+ No artificial colors or fragrances
+ Rich in antiaging antioxidants
+ Nourishes the skin directly with Vitamin A, D, E, and K
+ Absorbs easily due to its similar skin cell structure
+ Promotes skin cell regeneration
+ Tightens and tones skin

Ingredients: Grass-fed Tallow, Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Dandelions*, Unrefined Shea Butter*, Lavender Oil, Vitamin E, Frankincense Oil, Amyris Oil, Patchouli Oil, Cedarwood Oil
*Organic or Wild Harvested

I do not use synthetic stabilizers. Products packaged in glass jars and metal tins are sensitive to temperature changes. During warm weather it may soften or even melt. BEFORE opening the jars or tins place item in refrigerator for a few hours to allow them to harden just in case they melted during transit. The overall texture may change but the quality and healing properties ARE NOT affected.

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