Cleanser Dry~Mature~Sensitive

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A gentle and soothing cleanser that leaves skin feeling soft and smelling fragrant. Excellent for all skin types: normal, dry, mature, sensitive, dehydrated, or environmentally damaged.

This product does not remove makeup: check out the listing for makeup remover. Works best as a freshening cleanser on your makeup free days (and for those who just don't wear makeup) or after playing sports. Doubles as a moisturizing toner for parched skin.

This product works well for those who can't use traditional cleansers due to rosacea or other skin sensitivities. Follow up with our toner to adjust skins pH. Finish off with our cream to keep skin moisturized (all skin types benefit from moisturizer). Our cream has grass-fed tallow in it which mimics our skins sebum (helps to balance skin from wanting to produce more oil than needed).

Multi-use product idea: use as the liquid portion when making a mask out of our exfoliant.

Ingredients: Rosewater*, Glycerine*, Manuka Oil*
*Organic or Wildcrafted