Organic Reusuable Cotton Pads

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Use cotton pads to apply Cleanser, Toner, and for Makeup Removal.

Put them in a small basket or bathroom tumbler for storage and use instead of cotton balls. When you're done, throw them in the laundry bag and put them in the wash with your towels.

Perfect for....
~ Makeup removal
~ Toner application
~ Facial cleansers

You will receive 8 organic pads in unbleached natural color. The laundry bag is perfectly sized at 9 x 9 inches and includes a closeable drawstring to ensure none of the face pads work their way out in the wash. These bags will fit up to 60 of the facial pads with plenty of space for a thorough washing.

Machine wash cold or hot, tumble dry or line dry (wash several times before use to increase absorbency). Refrain from using fabric softeners or dryer sheets with your facial wipes because they will decrease the absorbency. Fabrics are not pre-washed, and will shrink ever-so-slightly after the first wash. Not recommended for nail polish removal.